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Tropico 4 heading for a doomsday scenario with Apocalypse DLC

Haemimont Studios' island management title Tropico 4 received a doomsday downloadable content pack for Xbox 360 and Windows PC called Apocalypse, publisher Kalypso Media announced today.

The DLC includes a new mission called "How I learned to love the bomb" where players are tasked with preparing their Tropican citizens for a doomsday scenario. Players must decide which resources and factions to save, and are required to prepare their island nation of Tropico for a nuclear apocalypse after the The Cold War turns sour.

Apocalypse features a Hazmat suit and a new trait called Survivalist, which helps with helps with scavenging and Tropicans require less food. The new building, the Nuclear Shelter, provides and converts faction bonuses depending on work mode.

Tropico 4 players can grab the Apocalypse DLC for $4.99 from SteamKalypso Launcher or the Xbox Marketplace.

Tropico 5 is set for launch next year on Xbox 360, Windows PC, Mac and Linux platforms. It will feature competitive and cooperative multiplayer for up to four players.

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