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GTA 5 patch 1.04 now available, fixes vehicle saving problems (update)

The latest Grand Theft Auto 5 title update 1.04 is now available on PlayStation 3, following ongoing issues experienced since the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online.

The 39 MB download will "fix the remaining instances of issues that have caused vehicle purchase loss and will also enable the functionality through which we'll be providing the GTA$ stimulus cash to players," Rockstar previously stated. While no official change log has been made available by the developer, it's been confirmed that this latest patch does not offer the first deposit of $250,000 of the stimulus package.

We've contacted Rockstar for information on the Xbox 360 release for this patch and will update when more information is available.

Update: Rockstar has now released the patch on both PS3 and Xbox 360. According to the release notes, the update includes a hard limit on the amount of money you can lose when you die in free mode: 500 GTA$.

As for the first deposit of the 500,000 GTA$ "stimulus package," which will amount to half that number, Rockstar said, "We're aiming to make the first deposit of $250,000 in all players accounts early next week once we've confirmed that any remaining game progress issues have been fixed for the community in this latest title update."