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Oculus Rift 4K display in the works

While the world waits for the HD consumer version of Oculus Rift to arrive, its inventors are already looking ahead to higher resolution 4K displays.

Speaking at the Gaming Insiders Summit in San Francisco yesterday, CEO Brendan Iribe said that improved resolution is on the project's to-do list, adding that plans are afoot to launch a 4K version of the VR headset in the future. No further details were provided.

A solid launch date for the HD consumer version of Oculus Rift has still not been announced. Iribe said the machine, which is expected some time next year, will be available "soon." Standard definition developer kit versions have been sent out over the last few months to Kickstarter backers.

As reported yesterday by Polygon, Oculus is working on various ways to improve the Rift playing experience including the elimination of "simulation sickness" which Iribe claimed had been achieved in new prototypes currently being tested. He also said that the Rift could be used as an IMAX-like 2D display for next generation consoles.

Earlier this year the Rift's inventor Palmer Luckey indicated that 4K displays are just one of the improvements he is considering. "There's a lot of other things to work on besides resolution," he told PC Gamer. "We can't just sit around and wait for 4K displays to hop around."

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