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The Besties 75: A very merry Pokémon special

Last week we promised an all Pokémon episode. This week we deliver.

The Besties discuss pocket monsters on a level of granularity that ultimately drives Justin to the brink of insanity. Can you handle that?

Maybe you're not the sort of person who wants to know about min-maxing Ghastly mating. And maybe weighing the benefits of Grass and Dragon types isn't your cup of tea. Well, to you I say, good riddance and good day!

Now that it's just us super fans, let's gather close and tell stories of Squirtle battles long past.

  • 3:31 - Best way to force breed Pokémon (day care)
  • 8:14 - Best item (Exp. Share)
  • 17:15 - Halftime!
  • 20:33 - Best way to make a Pokémon feel real (feed it cupcakes)
  • 24:59 - Best mobile multiplayer of the year so far (Player Search System)
  • 37:43 - The Winner Is!

Theme song by Ian Dorsch

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