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Show producer: The Walking Dead game is 'true to every spirit' of the series

Telltale's award-winning episodic point-and-click game, The Walking Dead, is "true to every spirit and tenant" of the series, according to AMC's The Walking Dead executive producer David Alpert.

Speaking as part of a 10-year anniversary documentary, Alpert said that the game is "an example" of what his team hopes to do with the TV show. Telltale Games screenwriter and story consultant Gary Whitta called the episodic title "a story experience first and a game experience second."

"The experience feels less like a game and more like an interactive television series," Whitta said. "That's a new kind of art form."

You can watch Alpert, Whitta and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman talk about the game at 17:30. For more on the franchise as a whole, watch the video above.

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