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Target canceling PS4 pre-orders bundled with delayed launch games, customers say

The delay of PlayStation 4 launch games Watch Dogs and DriveClub appears to have had unpleasant repercussions on some customers who pre-ordered Sony's next-gen console. Buyers on Twitter and Reddit who say they used to pre-order a PS4 bundled with one of those games now say they're being informed that their orders have been canceled altogether.

Unlike Amazon and GameStop's handling of the situation — those retailers say they'll honor the PS4 console orders of those who pre-ordered the system bundled with a delayed game — Target's approach appears to be to cancel the entire order.

According to a Reddit user who posted an email from Target customer service, the company will re-open PS4 console pre-orders next week on Oct. 25. "These will be offered on a first come, first served basis," the email reads.

Polygon has reached out to Target for comment and confirmation of the handling of its PS4 pre-order bundles and will update with any new information.

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