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Here's what you need to know for Saturday, Oct. 19

DriveClub officially delayed until 2014

PlayStation 4 racing game DriveClub is no longer coming for the system's launch, Shuhei Yoshida confirmed. But Sony has a replacement game for PlayStation Plus subscribers who were looking forward to get their hands on the game for free.

Sonic: Lost World Wii U review: living in the past, Sonic: Lost World 3DS review: the quick and the dead

Sonic the Hedgehog comes (exclusively) to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS with Lost World, a game that disappoints on both platforms to different degrees.

From Magicka to Helldivers: the sharp pain of crunch

Learn how the development of Magicka tested Arrowhead Game Studios camaraderie and sanity — and how the Swedish developer is looking to avoid exhausting "crunch" on its next game, Helldivers.

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