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EscapeVektor dev bringing Blast 'Em Bunnies to PS4, PS Vita, 3DS

EscapeVektor creator Nnooo is bringing its new title, a pick-up-and-play endless shooter called Blast 'Em Bunnies, to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS in 2014, the Australian-based indie developer announced today.

With the ultimate goal of keeping their bunny alive as long as they can, players are tasked with defending their burrows from an onslaught of evil bunnies. Players can use weapons such as a carrot rifle, turnip mortar, watermelon pip machine gun or bean railgun.

Weapon upgrades and special ammo types such as heat-seeking chilli seeds, exploding raspberries and pumpkin bombs can be purchased via in-game coins. Shooting crates awards power-ups and ammo types. You can view the game in action in the video above.

"The longer you play, the more difficult survival becomes," creative director Nic Watt said in a prepared statement. "But it's not just your own bunny's mortality you're concerned with. You also need to deal with the throat slitter who is holding your baby bunnies hostage. He'll pop up every now and again with one of your little 'uns. Kill him quickly and the baby bunny escapes. If you're not quick enough...well, I really don't want to talk about it."

A Blast 'Em Bunnies release on other platforms would be considered depending on the game's performance. Blast 'Em Bunnies was one of 21 games to recently receive funding from Screen Australia, the Australian government's funding board for film, television and multimedia projects.

"This game has a very different art style from any other game we've made," said Watt, who announced in August that Nnooo received approval from Sony to develop titles for PS4 and PS Vita. "We wanted to give it a cartoon feel that would make great use of the power of PlayStation 4."

EB Expo attendees visiting Nnnoo's booth can get hands-on with the title on PlayStation 4, along with 3 Sprockets developed Cubemen 2 for Wii U and Orbitor by Evil Aliens.

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