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Battlefield 4 beta basics shows you how to dominate on Siege of Shanghai

A new video for Battlefield 4 shows players how to dominate on Siege of Shanghai during the game's beta, offering a rundown on tactics, weapons and the four classes available in the beta.

The video discusses tactics as players either take on the roll of Chinese combatants or American ones, whose ultimate goal is to reclaim the city. The map is one of ten maps available when the game rolls out at launch. Dice recently detailed the multiplayer maps, game modes and player counts.

Available across PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC, the multiplayer-only beta will feature the Siege of Shanghai map in Conquest and Domination Modes. Battlefield 3 Premium members, and those who pre-ordered the Battlefield 4 Origin-exclusive Digital Deluxe/Limited Edition or Medal of Honor Warfighter, gained access to the exclusive beta on Oct. 1. The open beta commences Oct. 4, with testing for both beta tiers concluding Oct. 15.

Battlefield 4 is slated for an Oct. 29 release on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The shooter is set for launch on Nov. 19 for Xbox One and Nov. 12 for PlayStation 4.

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