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This Dark Souls mod ramps up enemy aggression to terrifying levels

Dark Souls still not spirit-crushingly difficult for you? Try out this mod by modder "JITD" that makes enemies in Dark Souls more difficult to counter by ramping up their offense.

The super-aggressive enemies mod, captured in video form by YouTube user "VaatiVidya," shows enemies don't necessarily have higher health or more powerful attacks — but the chances of them running straight at you from farther way is very, very high. Enemies will wander around seeking you out first before you ever get close, and are never in the same spot for very long. They won't retreat and the won't give you the option not to fight them, running you down like a frightened animal until you turn and take up your weapons.

The mod, which JITD notes will run in cooperative mode, also includes the removal of invisible barriers for enemies. Some NPCs will start tagging along after players as well, and it'll be harder to keep them alive once those enemies get you in their sight range.

"You will be amazed how much these little changes make the game so much different," JITD wrote on the mod's page.

The mod is available for download from, and JITD noted that players will want to make sure to tweak their anti-virus settings if there are any problems loading the mod.

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