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Prison Architect alpha update 14 adds guard dogs

The latest alpha update for Prison Architect, Introversion Software's early access prison simulator, adds guard dogs, the developer announced via its forums.

Players can hire guard dogs, complete with handler, through the game's staff menu. Dogs are able to sniff out drugs and other contraband, as well as chase down escaping prisoners. Dogs can also sense escape tunnels, though according to the update, "it isn't quite as easy as that."

"They will scratch at the floor and bark a bit, but you need to keep an eye on them to notice this and perform appropriate searches within your jail," the update reads. "If they happen to be scratching the floor when there is an actual prisoner digging directly under them, the prisoner is rumbled and the whole tunnel is revealed. We suggest you create long patrol routes around the perimeter of your jail and assign dogs to these, to keep a handle on your escape tunnels."

Dog workers will tire out after a few hours and require rest in a kennel. According to the post, players will need to swap out a pooch and his handler for continuous coverage. You can read the full update here, or watch the video above.

Prison Architect launched via Steam's Early Access program in March. The game's alpha version is also available for Windows PC, Mac and Linux through the developer's website.

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