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New videos show the new eyes and brain behind Kinect 2.0

A pair of new videos demonstrates the new technology in Microsoft's second-generation Kinect camera that will be released alongside the Xbox One.

The first video above is about the camera itself and the images it captures. The camera has several different modes: A 3D view that measures distance and depth, a 2D color camera that is designed for use in video applications like Skype, and a low-light IR camera that provides a clear picture while compensating for ambient lighting.

All of that optical data is processed by the Kinect sensor in several ways demonstrated in the second video, seen below. Kinect 2.0 features a significantly more detailed stick-figure skeleton than its predecessor, a block-man view shows limb rotations, and the sensor can even measure muscle stress and impacts. By reading color variations imperceptible to the human eye, the new Kinect is also capable of monitoring someone's heartbeat and pulse. The new brain will also help the Kinect differentiate voices, allowing it to understand two people talking at the same time.

Kinect will launch alongside the Xbox One on Nov. 22. Microsoft's controversial decision to require an always-on Kinect sensor to operate the Xbox One was reversed in August.

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