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Nintendo Minute shows character cloning in Super Mario 3D World

More new levels from Super Mario 3D World are the focus of this Nintendo Minute video, (which actually lasts almost nine minutes).

The jolly feature, presented by Nintendo of America's Krysta Yang and Kit Ellis, follows up on a gameplay trailer released by the company earlier this week, and offers some extra details of mechanics already shown.

Of particular interest is the demonstration of the double-cherry power-up which, as Polygon reported yesterday, creates a useful character clone. The cloning can be continued to create yet more of the characters, particularly useful when faced with a barrage of enemies that need to be eliminated.

Some strategic thinking is required as cloned characters can operate split apart from one another, as well as closely bunched, which presents advantageous and disadvantageous moments.

Super Mario 3D World will launch on the Wii U on Nov. 22 in North America.

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