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Final Fantasy 14 players get free World Transfer as mea culpa

Square Enix will launch its world transfer service for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn soon, the game's producer wrote on the company's forums, and will initially make those transfers free to players as part of an apology to those who experienced issues related to character creation.

On the Final Fantasy 14 forums, producer Naoki Yoshida apologized for login and character creation restrictions during the MMO's relaunch. Players who experienced problems during character creation and were unable to join the world of their choosing will be able to transfer their accounts in the near future, he said, but added there are risks to doing so.

Those potential risks include having to rename your character, a possible loss of money, player congestion on certain worlds and the inability to log in for some time.

When the world transfer service goes live, pending an official announcement, players will be able to move their characters at no cost for the first five days.

More details about A Realm Reborn's world transfer service and other restrictions related to it are available in Yoshida's full post.

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