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Dys4ia dev's new game is a choose-your-own-adventure

The latest project from Anna Anthropy, creator of titles such as Dys4ia and Mighty Jill Off, is available now via Gumroad, the developer announced via her blog.

A Very Very Very Scary House is a Twine-based choose-your-own-adventure game in which players investigate "the scariest house you've ever seen." The game features 58 endings and 197 passages.

"It's more like an authentic choose-your-own-adventure book than anything else I've written: it's constantly branching, always moving forward and all of the branches contradict one another," Anthropy wrote.

"It's silly and goofy — I wrote it over the course of a week and didn't revise any of it, save for correcting spelling and grammar errors."

A Very Very Very Scary House is available for $2. The game also features art from Shelley Hu.

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