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Pokemon trading card game to feature Mega Evolutions

The Pokemon trading card game will add Mega Evolutions — introduced by the latest game generation, Pokemon X and Y — to its roster.

In X and Y, players can evolve certain Pokemon into one final form with the use of a Mega Stone. The upgrade only pertains to a handful of characters, such as Mewtwo, Lucario, Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise. On Feb. 5, 2014, card game players will be able to pick up 10 new booster card packs with the XY expansion.

Mega Evolution Pokemon can only evolve from Pokemon-EX, special cards introduced during the Ruby and Sapphire era. EX Pokemon have extra skills or strength.

"Before players Mega Evolve a Pokemon like Venusaur-EX or Blastoise-EX, they must consider the situation carefully because doing so ends their turn immediately, which means they can't attack," the press release reads. "The risky move is worth the reward, however, because Mega Evolution Pokemon exhibit a strength that surpasses Pokemon-EX. Hard-hitting attacks and high HP totals make Mega Evolution Pokemon dominant during Pokemon TCG matches."

Pokemon X and Y launched worldwide Oct. 12. For more on the game, check out our review.

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