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Minecraft mod incorporates quantum physics into gameplay

A new Minecraft modpack called qCraft allows users to dabble in quantum physics using the game's world, according to a post from Google Quantum AI Lab Team.

The pack, which you can see in action in the video above, adds new blocks with quantum entanglement, superposition and observer dependency characteristics. The idea sparked from Quantum AI Lab's desire to get smart, creative kids into quantum physics. The Team's goal is to "explore the potential" of quantum computing and seek out future scientists — in this case, the kids spending their time building, experimenting and discovering in Minecraft.

"Of course, qCraft isn't a perfect scientific simulation, but it's a fun way for players to experience a few parts of quantum mechanics outside of thought experiments or dense textbook examples," the post reads. "We don't even know the full potential of what you can make with qCraft, but we're excited to see what Minecraft's players can discover."

qCraft is available as part of the FTB Unleashed, Tekkit and Hexxit packs. It's also available as a direct install for Windows PC and Mac.

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