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Polytron shares clip of Fez running on Vita

Fez developer Polytron shared a Vine clip of the puzzle platformer running on a PlayStation Vita in a tweet yesterday.

"Oh, hey, what do we have here?" reads the text accompanying a brief video of a Vita showing one of the levels in Fez. While there is no on-screen movement and playable character Gomez remains still, the clip plays sound and shows the game is in running form.

During Sony's Gamescom keynote in August, Fez was announced for release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita. No launch date has been confirmed.

Earlier this year, Fez creator Phil Fish announced that a sequel to the platformer was currently in development. After an online altercation with a writer following Microsoft's announcement of its self-publishing policy reversal, Fish tweeted that Fez 2 was canceled and has been quiet since.

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