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Monster Hunter 4 content coming to 3DS' Gaist Crusher

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Capcom's upcoming action game Gaist Crusher will include crossover content from one of the company's more established franchises, Monster Hunter, the company announced late yesterday.

Gaist Crusher will include a boss battle based on a creature from Monster Hunter 4, which was released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan last month. Capcom will include in its new game a particularly challenging battle with a Gaist based on Rathalos, an iconic fire-breathing wyvern from Monster Hunter. Check out the video above for a look at this new boss in action.

Gaist Crusher, like the Monster Hunter titles, requires players to hunt down and defeat massive fantastical creatures called Gaists. Unlike Capcom's established monster-hunting IP, Gaist Crushers is more geared towards a younger audience. The game will ship with competitive and co-op modes and uses plastic toy figures that can clip on to the 3DS case and function much the same way as Skylanders figures. Capcom plans to make the franchise a multimedia project, with manga, anime and other toys set to launch for the IP later down the line.

Gaist Crusher will launch for 3DS on Dec. 3 in Japan. There is currently no word on an international release.

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