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This is what happens after four hours of Stanley Parable's baby game

Warning: This post and video contain spoilers for The Stanley Parable remake!

The Stanley Parable players are in for a rather hilarious surprise if they manage to play the narrator's baby-crawling minigame for exactly four hours, as evidenced by the above video posted to YouTube by user "dustily."

In the baby game, players are presented with a cardboard cutout of a baby to their right and a roaring fire to their left. The baby crawls left towards the fire and players must repeatedly click a red button in the middle of the screen in order to bring him back to the right. If the baby reaches the fire, the game is over and players lose. After an hour or so, the narrator will switch things up and add another similar minigame to the mix involving a puppy and a pool of piranhas.

After four hours of playing both challenges simultaneously, a rather interesting entity appears. You can skip ahead to around 5 minutes in the video above to see this strange being — along with some humorous commentary on the narrator's obsession with artistic expression.

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