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DC Universe Online update 31 prepares game for PS4 launch

A new update for DC Universe Online, Sony Online Entertainment's comic book-themed massively multiplayer online game, will prepare the game for its PlayStation 4 launch, executive producer Larry Liberty announced today via blog post.

The PlayStation 4 version of the game is expected within the console's launch window this holiday. Update 31 will improve DC Universe Online "for all players, on all platforms," Liberty wrote in a post on the game's website. The game will undergo a graphical overhaul, in addition to improvements to its leveling system.

"New content presents itself naturally as you level, and there is less chance of getting lost or stuck without a mission," Liberty wrote. "You'll also notice that enemies are fighting and acting in more consistent ways throughout the game.

Mentor-specific content is also now available to all players, regardless of mentor, and side missions are replayable. You can read more about the game's changes in Liberty's post.

DC Universe Online's update hits Windows PC Testing servers this week. The update is expected to launch in early November for PC and PlayStation 3.

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