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X Rebirth trailer is a montage of epic armadas and skilled dogfighters

The latest trailer for Egosoft's space sim, X Rebirth, offers a tantalising sneak peek at the game's space combat with fleets consisting of mega spacecraft and dogfights with nimble fighters.

X Rebirth's space combat ranges from small scale skirmishes to fleet-scale space combat. Players can sign up and fight for the military, become a pirate, work for the police or only fight when self defence is required. When involved in combat, players can target turrets and shield generators to weaken enemies, and damage engines and jump drives to prevent escape.

As highlighted in a previous developer diary, the space sandbox title lets players to fly around, through and land on the buildings that make up the space cities and factories. Players can walk around inside the structures and even crawl through repair ducts.

X Rebirth features two types of trading. The first allows the player to trade from port to port in small quantities using their own ship. The second lets the player trade in bulk with large scale contracts using a fleet of cargo ships.

According to studio head Bernd Lehahn, Egosoft's goal was to create a "living, breathing futuristic universe crawling with life" within X Rebirth. The title is set to launch Nov. 15 in Europe and Nov. 19 in North America for Windows PC, German studio confirmed in August.