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Report: Sony cracking down on Beyond: Two Souls nude leak

Sony is looking to wipe out all screenshots taken from manipulated footage of Beyond: Two Souls running on a PlayStation 3 debug unit showing actress Ellen Page naked — as well as cracking down on publications running articles on the footage, according to reports from several websites.

Earlier this month, a Reddit user posted screenshots of the game's shower scene taken from a PS3 running in debug mode. The user manipulated the game's camera angle to obtain a full view of Page's body and take the screenshots, which a mark on top of the screens identified as a running in a "quality assurance" menu. Kotaku confirmed that the nude model of Page is accessible in the game by testing Beyond in debug mode.

The original images have since been removed from the Imgur account on which they were posted, but according to The Eskimo Press and Cinema Blend, Sony is reaching out to websites that ran stories on the incident to ask that related articles be taken down.

"The images are from an illegally hacked console and is very damaging for Ellen Page," a representative for Sony Computer Entertainment America told Cinema Blend. "It's not actually her body. I would really appreciate if you can take the story down to end the cycle of discussion around this."

According to the Eskimo Press, a representative for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe told them the images had to be removed for "legal reasons," and several sites hosting the photos have been removed or shut down.

This isn't the first time a celebrity's likeness in a video game has caused a greater issue. In 2009, rock band No Doubt sued Activision for using their in-game avatars in Band Hero to sing songs other than the band's own. That same year, Kurt Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, sued Activision for breach of contract, stating she did not approve the use of her late husband's likeness in Guitar Hero 5. Earlier this year, singer Beyoncé and developer Gate Five settled a lawsuit out of court in which the company accused the musician of pulling out of deal in which she would provide motion capture for a dancing game.

Polygon has reached out to Sony to clarify the situation and confirm they are asking publications to take down related articles. We'll share more details as we receive them.

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