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DeNA's iOS game Lawless turns L.A. into a shooting gallery

Lawless, an arcade-style third-person shooter set in Los Angeles in the 1990s, is the next mobile game from publisher DeNA, the company announced today.

The game puts players in the role of a professional criminal attempting to make his or her way through the Los Angeles criminal underworld. As seen in the trailer above and in a gameplay video provided to Polygon, Lawless takes the form of a cover-based shooting gallery à la Time Crisis. It is being made by EightPixelsSquare, a studio in the U.K. founded by former members of Dead Space: Extraction developer Eurocom, in conjunction with DeNA's Stockholm-based studio, Scattered Entertainment.

Players will be able to go on hundreds of varied missions such as destroying areas modeled on real-world Los Angeles locations, and use more than 100 different guns. They'll also have the option to take friends with them on those missions.

"Lawless is an intense, skillful game designed as an ode to classic 'light gun' shooters and filled with the retro Californian feel of '90s bank robber movies," said Ben Cousins, head of DeNA's European studio operations and general manager of Scattered Entertainment, in a press release today.

Lawless will be a free-to-play game on iOS. DeNA did not announce a release window for the shooter. You can see three screenshots in the gallery below.

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