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Star Citizen's latest fictional commercial is for your own personal starfighter

The latest Star Citizen trailer masquerading as an in-universe commercial for the spaceship of your dreams introduces the 2944 edition of the Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C.

A versatile single-pilot starfighter with over two centuries of serving humanity in its exploration of the stars, the Hornet F7C has been adapted for civilian use alongside the military model. That isn't to say that the civilian version of the Hornet doesn't pack a punch; the trailer shows it defeating a pair of adversaries through superior maneuverability and superior firepower alike.

A brochure on the game's site preserves the fiction of the game world by presenting the four main types of Hornet models as it might to a prospective buyer in the Star Citizen universe. A modular design, the Hornet can be a well-rounded fighter with a respectable cargo hold or a stealthy high-speed ghost, to name a few.

Star Citizen is slated to launch some time next year on Windows PC.

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