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Blood of the Werewolf launches for Steam Oct. 28

Scientifically Proven's old-school platformer, Blood of the Werewolf, will launch for Windows PC via Steam Oct. 28 and consoles in Q1 of 2014.

Midnight City, Majesco Entertainment's indie label founded earlier this year, will publish the Steam version. Blood of the Werewolf follows one of the last remaining werewolves, Selena, as she sets out to rescue her child and seek vengeance for her husband's death. Selena can attack enemies from a distance with her crossbow or tear into foes by transforming into a werewolf. The game features 10 explorable areas, five boss throw downs, upgradable instruments and online leaderboards to track player stats.

Blood of the Werewolf will be available for $9.99. For more on the game's background, check out our interview with creator Nathaniel McClure.

Yesterday, Midnight City announced that it would bring Slender: The Arrival to Windows PC via Steam Oct. 28.

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