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SimCity heads to classrooms to teach kids about environment

A schoolroom version of SimCity will be released next month, that aims to teach kids about civic management and the environmental impact of modern life.

SimCityEDU from GlassLab — releasing to schools on Nov. 7 — places students in charge of a town, with a mission to balance employment needs, citizen happiness and environmental concerns. The game has been integrated into curriculum plans and comes with teacher guidelines and student feedback programs.

"They are taking the game and they are able to take the time and energy to focus it just for educational uses," said SimCity creative director Stone Librande. "They can go into our interfaces and tailor them to a certain age range for a certain classroom setting and lesson plan."

"This is a game that is helping kids to think in a real world context to the same standards that they are learning in their classroom," said Avi Zellman, a teaching consultant with GlassLab. "It's incredibly effective."

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that the launch date was Nov. 8 and not Nov. 7.

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