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Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman sounds off on console's early mistakes

Since launch, the Ouya has seen one problem after another — and, as a new company, it's made "a ton of mistakes" during its learning process, CEO Julie Uhrman said during a recent presentation.

The video above was recorded in September of this year during XOXO, a festival in Portland, Ore., covering arts and technology. In addition to speaking about why she wanted to create the Android-powered console, Uhrman also outlined the many missteps the company has taken — including Kickstarter units shipping late and early problems with the console's controller.

Uhrman also touched on the now infamous "Get Some" tweet used to promote That Dragon, Cancer, and the company's equally puzzling, vomit-filled advertisement. When talking about Ouya's Fund the Games project, Uhrman said that the company didn't consider "all the different ways people could take advantage of that program."

"We have done a lot of things wrong," Uhrman said. "We've made a lot of mistakes. And I think one thing that's really unique about us is that we're gonna continue to make them. We're young, we're scrappy, we're moving fast. We're building this product in the open with you. We got our start with you. We get better every day because we listen to you. Some things are going to resonate and some things aren't going to resonate."

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