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Super Crate Box recreated as a Commodore 64 game

Retro Gamer CD and indie developer Vlambeer released the Commodore 64 version of the 2010 arcade game, Super Crate Box.

Much like Vlambeer's original title, Super Bread Box is an arcade-style game in which players fight off enemies and snag weapon crates. Super Bread Box also includes new characters, levels and an online scoreboard. You can watch the trailer above for a sense of its graphical style, gameplay and chiptune sound.

A "cut-down" version of Super Bread Box is available as a free download for an emulator or Commodore 64 on the game's official website. You can buy a full version for £1.99 (approximately $3.23) or physical version for £30.00 (roughly $48.72) through Retro Gamer CD.

The Commodore 64 version has been in development for some time. Indie Games Summit at GDC Europe 2013 included a talk on porting the game to Commodore 64.

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