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Report: Microsoft testing Google Glass-like eyewear

Microsoft is testing internet-connected eyewear similar to Google Glass, pictured above, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

While the Journal's source notes that the technology may not ultimately be released, Microsoft is reportedly sourcing hardware from suppliers to build prototypes of the device.

In an allegedly leaked internal Microsoft document published online last year, the company outlined how a set of Wifi/4G-enabled glasses, dubbed "Fortaleza Glasses," might work with its next-generation Xbox and Kinect for augmented reality-style games. While certain details from that document didn't pan out, like a $299 retail price for Xbox One, others now appear to be accurate.

Google's internet-enabled eyewear has shown a handful of gaming applications, thanks to developers. One developer created a mini-map application for Grand Theft Auto 3 with Google Glass, while others are developing dedicated video games for the device. Google will reportedly launch an app store for Glass sometime in 2014.

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