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'Zynga blew it' in becoming a mobile business, says EA's Gibeau

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau says Zynga's struggle to become a mobile-focused business has failed due to the company's strong and long-running emphasis on Facebook games, according to recent interview with Gibeau on The New York Times.

In response to a statement about Zynga's Mark Pincus pushing the idea that people would be playing games constantly in the future, hence the focus on mobile and social platforms, Gibeau responded that he sees the company's endeavors as unsuccessful.

"Zynga blew it," Gibeau said. "They're not a mobile business. We're six or seven times their size in mobile. Zynga fell into a hole because they were completely focused on one platform, which is Facebook."

Gibeau explained that EA is not invested in Facebook games because he noticed the platform's users heading to smartphones.

"You can't play a game on Facebook on a phone," he said. "Coupled with that was the fact that customer acquisition costs were on a straight line up."

Last month, as part of EA's shifting leadership structure, Gibeau was appointed head of the company's mobile division and head of the Origin digital service following Andrew Wilson's appointment to CEO.

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