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David Jaffe discusses time crunches and dubstep in new studio video

David Jaffe's new company, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, released a second video yesterday sharing more details on the goings-on at the ghost hunting agency turned game development studio.

In the video posted above, Jaffe and his team discuss the latest milestone within their own game as well as the importance of time crunching within the games industry. Do you have to crunch to compete in game development, packing a ton of work into a small amount of time in a race to launch? Jaffe also discusses how Bartlet Jones is being treated by their publisher, noting that they've been asked to "find the game" and build on its concepts. Visuals, he says, are currently not a major priority at this stage in development.

A few fans also stop by the studio to get a cookie, CTO Mike Ricco is interrogated by a mysterious caller and Jaffe loses his cool to dubstep over a video capture session. Viewers be warned, however, as the video contains language not safe for the workplace.

Last week the studio shared its first video, promising to make these colorful looks into their everyday endeavors a regular occurrence.

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