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City of Steam to relaunch as City of Steam: Arkadia in November

City of Steam's servers are set to shut down Nov. 22, but the developers at Mechanist Games plan to relaunch the game next month as City of Steam: Arkadia.

The City of Steam servers on publisher Reality Squared Games' site will spin down because of "a chronic lack of players," according to a post yesterday on R2 Games' site.

"Most newcomers simply stop playing after a short while, and the loyal few of you that do stick around are unfortunately not enough to sustain the game," the post reads. "Coupled with a lack of new content, the game is running out of steam fast."

Servers will shut down at 2:59 a.m. ET on Nov. 21.

An announcement on the game's official website reveals that Mechanist Games is not giving up and will relaunch the browser-based online role-playing game in November as the self-published City of Steam: Arkadia.

"City of Steam is not shutting it [sic] down," the announcement reads. "We at Mechanist Games will improve and self-publish the game, and endeavor to make it available to as many of the original fans as possible by cooperating with popular English language browser-gaming platforms (to be announced)."

For more on City of Steam, be sure to check out our interview with the developers from last year, conducted in the midst of the game's beta testing phase.

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