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Cooperatives: Pokemon X and Y

Chris Plante co-founded Polygon in 2012 as editor-at-large and is now editor-in-chief. He also created and occasionally teaches NYU’s Introduction to Games Journalism course.

I want to thank young me.

After finishing Pokemon Red in 1998, twelve-year-old me decided to never again play a Pokemon game. The choice was probably based on some sad perception of what was and wasn't cool at the time, but I appreciate the results nonetheless. By missing out on a decade and a half of Pokemon culture, I came to Pokemon X and Y with low expectations and minimal context.

Oh the surprises I found: The new Pokemon is in color! And has 3D graphics! And there are like seven times as many Pokemon! And I get a new starter Pokemon and also my old starter Pokemon from 1998!

Every minute of the game overflowed with discovery, because what's old hat to fans was brand new to me. So snobby twelve-year-old me, thanks. You're desperate need to fit in brought joy to this Pokemon playing adult.

This is the penultimate episode of Cooperatives Season 2. In the next couple weeks, we'll have a special conclusion episode for longtime viewers. Do not adjust your video playing device. There is nothing wrong with the white space. There is nothing wrong with the white space. There is nothing wrong.

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