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Browser-based clicker Candy Box 2 launches tomorrow

Candy Box 2, a sequel to the click-based, browser role-playing game, launches tomorrow, according to a splash page for the title.

In the original Candy Box, players accumulate candies with each passing second. They can choose to eat the candies, throw them on the ground or use them to buy swords, lollipops and more. Players also embark on quests, fight monsters and collect more candy.

After players complete Candy Box 2, they'll gain access to quests written by other players. Developer aniwey wrote on the game's development blog that he hopes the addition will "lead to great challenges for the hardcore gamers out there."

"Anyone with some programming knowledge will be able to write a quest, and if it is original enough I will add it to the game so that everyone can play to it," aniwey wrote.

For more on Candy Box, check out episode 55 of The Besties. Since its release, similar click-based titles have appeared, including Cookie Clicker and the Breaking Bad-inspired Clicking Bad.

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