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Here's how dribbling works in NBA Live 14

NBA Live 14 developer EA Tiburon has been focusing on the game's dribbling mechanics ever since the studio debuted the game in May, and Tiburon continued to highlight dribbling in a new developer blog today.

Three different stages of dribble moves are available in NBA Live 14. The first level consists of fundamental ball-handling: crossover, behind-the-back and hesitation moves. Next, players can chain together those moves and start shifting their own momentum, in an effort to get defenders out of position and create some space. The idea is to do this with some rhythm, not to flick the right stick randomly.

Finally, certain NBA stars will be equipped with six signature moves that can be activated by holding a modifier button and pushing the right stick. These devastating dribbles are the kinds of ankle-breaking moves that only guys like NBA Live 14 cover athlete Kyrie Irving can pull off.

You can see the three levels in three different short clips of gameplay footage below. NBA Live 14 launches Nov. 19 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; for more, you can check out our dribbling preview from E3, and watch a full gameplay trailer.

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