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Microsoft details placement suggestions for new Kinect

The placement requirements of the new Kinect for Microsoft's Xbox One will be similar to that of the original Kinect, but players will be able to stand closer to the sensor, according to a leaked Brazilian version of the console's manual that was posted to NeoGAF.

The manual shows that the new Kinect sensor should be placed no higher than 1.8 meters (approximately six feet) from the ground and no lower than 0.6 meters (approximately two feet). Players should also stand at least 1.4 meters (approximately five feet) from the sensor.

The original Kinect also required players to position the sensor between two and six feet from the floor, but players had to stand back six feet if they were playing alone, and eight feet if there were two players. The play space also had to be at least six feet wide, but no longer or wider than 12 feet. The new Kinect offers a 60 percent wider field of view.

We have reached out to Microsoft to confirm the authenticity of the manual.

The Kinect on Xbox One will launch with the console in North America on Nov. 22, 2013.

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