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Why Rose and Time's developer returned the game to Ouya's store

Rose and Time is available again on the Ouya marketplace, developer Sophie Houlden announced this week on on her blog.

Houlden pulled the game from the store in September because she was "no longer comfortable supporting the Ouya company." As she wrote, those behind the microconsole had an "inability to admit that they have fucked up." Despite her love for the console, she believed that Ouya "made it clear they care more about saving face (in who's eyes I have no idea) than working to address the concerns of the developers and gamers they need the most."

In yesterday's blog post, she explained her about face.

"Long story short; those problems don't exist any more, and I'm happy to have the game back on the Ouya marketplace."

In particular, Ouya's response to the troubled launch of its Free the Games Fund impressed Houlden. The program, which began in July, offered developers matching funds for games headed to Ouya through Kickstarter. The first two games funded — Elementary, My Dear Holmes and Gridiron Thunder — were embroiled in controversy about who was funding each. Holmes' campaign was suspended in early September.

By September, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman apologized for the problems, lowered the minimum money requirement and changed the rules about exclusivity.

"Listening to developers, responding quickly, showing humility, and of course showing passion," Houlden wrote. "All the reasons I pulled the game for, were non-existent after just that week. I didn't put the game back on immediately — I'm pretty suspicious so I wanted to keep an eye on things for a while longer — 'If this keeps up for a while I'll put it back for sure' I thought."

Fore more on the Android-powered microconsole, check out a recent video from XOXO, in which Uhrman talks about Ouya's early mistakes. For more on the game, you can play a demo for Rose and Time in your web browser.

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