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Halo co-creator's tablet shooter rebranded to Midnight Star

Industrial Toys' upcoming first-person shooter for tablets, Morning Star, has been rebranded to Midnight Star after the developers discovered another trademark application for name, according to a Gamasutra blog post by developer Tim Harris.

"That means we had three options — find a way to 'coexist' (agree to avoid confusion about the name and stay out of each other's way), create an agreement that would transfer the trademark to us or... change the name of the game we'd already announced," Harris wrote. "After the first option was ruled out, we started exploring the ramifications of two and three.

"Did we want to spend money to acquire the trademark — money that's super precious given we're a start-up making our first title — or upset the momentum we had behind a name with awareness and a following?" he questioned, explaining that the team eventually decided to go with the third option of rebranding Morning Star to Midnight Star.

The Midnight Star project is headed by Industrial Toys founder and Halo co-creator Alex Seropian. It consists of the tablet shooter currently in development and a comic book companion, written by novelist John Scalzi and drawn by Marvel Comics artist Mike Choi. The comic book, formally known as Morning Star Alpha, is now titled Midnight Rises.

For more about Midnight Star, be sure to read our feature where we chat to Seropian about the project, its conception and Bungie.

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