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Sony lifts two-month exclusivity on Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut is launching for Windows PC and Mac later this month after Sony's decision to lift its exclusivity deal on the content early, according to a series of tweets from developer Jasper Bryne.

Lone Survivor initially launched for Windows PC and Mac last year, with a Director's Cut version featuring additional content hitting PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita just last month. Tweets from Bryne late yesterday reveal Sony had an exclusivity deal on the content, which would see it solely on Sony's platforms for two months. But according to Bryne, Sony is allowing the content to launch on other platforms about a month early.

"[The deal] was supposed to be two months, but hopefully this means the fans can enjoy the update together on the 31st!" Bryne tweeted.

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut will be available for free to those who already purchased the game and for $0.01 for those who purchased the title with the Humble Bundle. Save files from the original version are compatible with Director's Cut.

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