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Knytt Underground launching on Steam Oct. 25

Swedish indie developer Nicklas Nygren's platform adventure Knytt Underground will launch on Steam tomorrow, Oct. 25, publisher Ripstone announced today.

The title will be available around noon ET for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, and will cost $9.99.

Knytt Underground features 1,800 rooms to be explored by protagonist Mi, a mute sprite. The rooms are packed with quests and character encounters that will shape players' adventure.

Nygren has added Steamworks support to Knytt Underground, including Steam Achievements and participation in the Trading Cards Steam metagame. The Steam version will also include content from the Infinity Hype update, which was compiled based on feedback from players on Reddit. Infinity Hype adds an addition group of quests and rooms to explore.

Knytt Undergound was approved through Steam Greenlight in August. The title launched for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in December 2012 and a Wii U version is currently in development.