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Catch 10 minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate gameplay

A 10-minute demo of Batman: Arkham Origins handheld companion game Arkham Origins Blackgate shows Batman trying to track down the Penguin in Blackgate prison.

Guided by his sometimes-ally-sometimes-enemy Catwoman over a radio, Batman hunts the Penguin to find the entrance to the Arkham Wing of Blackgate Prison, where a number of hostages are being held. To do so, he must explore the environment, but one can't exactly control the camera to look around in a 2.5D title. The solution, as demonstrated in the video, is an analysis ability triggered in Detective Mode: Players can use the Vita or Nintendo 3DS touch screen to examine objects for vital information.

The gameplay demo shows off the "Metroidvania" style of play, as Batman's progress is impeded by an obstacle he doesn't have the tools to deal with. A quick detour nets him said tool, and he moves on. The demo also shows the game's hunting and stalking, using noisemakers to distract enemies and taking them down from behind.

Arkham Origins Blackgate hits Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita tomorrow, Oct. 25.

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