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Get 10 years of Eve with the Second Decade Collector’s Edition

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Developer CCP Games continues to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Eve Online with the just-released the Eve: The Second Decade Collector's Edition box set.

The $149.99 box set bundles several items to commemorate the first decade of the Eve universe, including a four-port USB hub based on the Eve Online ship "Rifter" and a 190-page book called "Into the Second Decade" chronicling the game and its 20 expansions, community events and more. It also contains an English translation of the Icelandic board game called The Danger Game, which CCP created in 1998 and proceeds from which helped fund Eve Online's early days. Purchasers will also get a CD with a live performance of the Eve Online soundtrack by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, a "CCP Mystery Code" which "grants owners exclusive benefits related to current and yet to be revealed CCP products and events," as well as in-game items in Eve Online and Dust 514.

"The Eve universe has grown for over 10 years in unimaginable ways thanks to the endless and unique passion of its players," said CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson. "This collector's edition is not only a celebration of Eve Online's history and a glimpse towards its future, but also a tribute to its players and the legendary stories and adventures that they have brought to the Eve Online experience. It is their universe after all!"

You can purchase Eve: The Second Decade Collector's Edition at Amazon and in the Eve Store.

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