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Nexon and Valve launch Dota 2 in Korea

Valve's multiplayer online battle arena game, Dota 2, launched in Korea today, publisher Nexon announced.

The partnership between Valve and Nexon to bring Dota 2 to Korea and Japan was announced last November. At the time, Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell said that the partnership will allow the company to "deliver Dota 2 to a massive audience of Asian gamers via a premium service."

Nexon's president and CEO Seungwoo Choi said in a recent statement that the company is excited to launch Dota 2 in the region and provide players with AAA content.

Dota 2 came out of its extended beta and launched to North American and European Windows PC players via Steam on July 9. It later saw a release on Linux and Mac on July 19 through Valve's distribution platform.

The two companies have previously teamed up to produce and publish free-to-play first-person shooter Counter-Strike Online in the region. Nexon also recently brought Crytek's free-to-play online shooter, Warface, to Korea as well as Japan.

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