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Super Mario 3D World gameplay offers look at first levels

Four-player multiplayer gameplay footage for Super Mario 3D World released by Nintendo gives fans a look at the game's first levels of World 1 and World 3.

Nintendo recently released a six minute video demonstrating the basic abilities of the game's well-known stars, multiplayer and powerups. A previous gameplay trailer introduced the game's powerups and items, such as the cat and Tanooki suits, an item that duplicates the character on screen, along with an item that turns the player into a Hammer Bro.

To learn more about the title, be sure to check out the latest batch of screenshots and read our feature about how Nintendo kept Mario interesting in the upcoming release. Announced during an E3 Nintendo Direct, Super Mario 3D World hits Wii U on Nov. 22 in North America and Nov. 29 in Europe

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