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PlayStation App hits North America Nov. 13, Europe Nov. 22

Sony Computer Entertainment will launch a PlayStation App for Android and iOS in North America Nov. 13 and Europe Nov. 22, the company announced today.

The app will also smartphones and tablets to serve as second screens for supported PlayStation 4 titles as well as access their profiles, friends lists, trophies and more. In the app's "What's New" section, users will be able to spectate as players stream their gameplay. The PlayStation App will also allow users to purchase items though the PlayStation Store and use the touchscreen or tablet to control a PS4.

Sony highlighted the PS4 game The Playroom, which allows players to draw objects in the app and fling them into the game, as an example of the dual screen functionality. For more on The Playroom's demos and mini-games, be sure to check out Polygon's impressions from E3 2013.

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