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Kill demons in Shadow Warrior with The Walking Dead's ice axe

Players of Devolver Digital's remake of first person shooter Shadow Warrior can now slay demons uses a weapon from Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, the company announced today.

As part of a collaboration between Telltale and developer Flying Wild Hog, players can equip hero Lo Wang with an ice axe as an alternative to his standard katana. The weapon was used in The Walking Dead by character Molly in the latter episodes of Telltale's series.

"As a fan of The Walking Dead, I'm super excited about this fantastic cross promotion with our beloved Shadow Warrior," Devolver Digital wrote in a press statement, under the guise of fictional CFO Fork Parker. "As a fan of money, this certainly helps quite a bit as well."

Shadow Warrior features a handful of other crossover weapons, including Saints Row 4's dildo bat, a katana featured in Hotline Miami and Serious Sam 3's popular sledgehammer.

Flying Wild Hog's Shadow Warrior launched on Steam Sept. 26. Read our interview with the developers and learn how the team strove to make the game bloodier than the 1997 original.

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