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Here's what you need to know for Saturday, Oct. 26

Batman: Arkham Origins review: knightfall

Batman: Arkham Origins isn't a "complete disaster," says Phil Kollar, but its foray into the world of Batman is "sloppier and less refined" than Rocksteady Studios' previous to Arkham games. It presents an interesting new take on Batman's relationship with the Joker, but a Gotham City that wants fleshing out and a lackluster multiplayer left Phil feeling a little cold.

How Ouya changed its controller, will change its console

Ouya is getting a makeover — the Ouya 2 is set to go into production early next year and its controllers have already gotten some much-needed refinements, including reduced latency and less-mushy buttons. We spoke with CEO Julie Uhrman, who briefed us on the company's plans for the Android microconsole beyond 2013.

PlayStation 4 will have a day one patch, lacks sleep mode at launch, PlayStation App hits North America Nov. 13, Europe Nov. 22

PlayStation 4 will require a patch on day one to add certain features, including the ability to share screenshots and video and Remote Play with the PlayStation Vita. Sony's next-gen console will also launch without sleep mode, and players will not be able to shift the console to a low-powered state to use the suspend/resume feature. The PS4 Link app, functionality for which will also be added in the patch, will launch in North America on Nov. 13 and in Europe Nov. 22.