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PlayStation 4's digital game-sharing policies explained

The PlayStation 4's disc-based game-sharing policies are about as clear-cut as they come — something Sony boastingly revealed during its E3 2013 press conference — but the console's policy on digital games hasn't been especially clear until now.

In a FAQ posted to its official website, Sony explained the process: Each PS4 user will have a registered "primary console," and once they download games on that console, anyone — even folks using different logins — can play them. Moreover, if you've got a PlayStation Plus subscription on the account bound to your primary console, all the users on that console can enjoy "certain benefits," including online multiplayer.

Digital games can also be downloaded onto other PS4 consoles when that user is away from their primary console, but in that scenario, only the user who bought the game can launch it. Before you start whipping up clever account-sharing schemes, a piece of fine print at the bottom of the FAQ page explains, "You can use up to 2 systems concurrently: the system activated as your 'primary' PS4 system, and one other system."

For more details on the primary console activation process, as well as how Friends Lists will work on the new PlayStation console, check out Sony's official FAQ for more.