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Digital Marina Abramovic Institute provides a virtual tour

Developer and designer Pippin Barr created a virtual version of the Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI), a space Kickstarted in August to house performance art.

Marina Abramovic is a performance artist best known for her 1974 piece Rhythm 0, in which people were allowed to use objects such as a rose, a feather and a gun against her in any way. In Digital Marina Abramovic Institute, players can wander through representations of her work or participate in new experiments. On his website, Barr writes that the experience is "probably not like many things you've tried before."

"It feels weird, and interesting, to be ‘opening' a game like this," Barr wrote. "It really is like a place on the internet, it's carefully made (well, as careful as I'm personally capable of) to be a place, kind of a ‘real' place somehow. Actually, right now it is the only full manifestation of the ‘real' institute, which is still a work in progress. So if you're wondering what Marina Abramovic's institute would be like, or what a game version of it would be like, or what I've been getting up to, this is the place for you."

You can play the browser-based title on Barr's website. Digital Marina Abramovic Institute was first available through the MAI Kickstarter to backers who contributed at the $5 tier.